Hashim Amla Broken The Records Set By Virat kohli….!

Hashim Amla

Hashim Amla break the virat kohil record quickest to 23rd ODI hundred. He came to there in 132 innings, much Faster than Virat Kohli’s 157th innings

Hashim Amla Records :

Hashim Amla

South African batsman Amla made fastest 23 ODI centuries in just 132

innings… it is much fastest than Virat Kohli's 157 innings.

Virat kohli is viewed as benchmark of run-scoring, he is called as the run machine after

the god of cricket Sachin Tendulkar but Amla overcome Kohli.

Till now no player has ever achieved 7000 runs faster than Kohli but Hashim amla

achieved it, Amla achieved 5000 and 6000 scores in 101 and 123 innings


Hashim Amla Runs:

Hashim Amla

Presently 6429 run is on his name from just 132 innings and he require another 521

runs for his next 28 innings to achieve 7000 runs record over Kohli.

He has the records for fastest 2000,3000,4000 runs

Hashim Amla

name                                   country               centuries            innings

Sachin Tendulkar                 India                       49                     452

Ricky Ponting                       Australia                 30                     365

sanath Jayasurya                srilanka                   28                     433

Virat Kohli                            india                       25                     163

Kumara Sangakhara           srilanka                  25                      380

AB de Villiers                      south Africa            24                      196

Hashim-Amla                     south Africa             23                     132


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